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Receive a Pro Selection of Your Best Pictures

Improve your portfolio & Tell your story better

Learn how to Select your Best Pictures

by Louis Alarcon

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On your own, you may not have the eye for detail that a professional will

Receive 100% sincere feedback on your work

Let a professional analyze and review your photos and forward an honest opinion and selection to you in a video, you will also see the process on how to create a report on them

Selection of a black and white photo portfolio of Louis Alarcon

Your friends and family may not have a clue about photography πŸ€”

...The cobbler should stick to his last!

Honest Edition by 45 USD

How do i do it?
An eye for detail

Photo edition in Cuba with Louis Alarcon

I will review your photos (200 maximum) and record myself on video (30 minutes minimum) interacting with them.
Also I will select with Adobe Bridge and subtly retouching with Camera Raw the best, and the ones that tell the best story

You can see how the whole process has been

πŸ‘‡ Better with a real example πŸ‘‡

*< I am very happy for Louis's comments, thanks to him I have seen that he had better photos than those published in my book "Workers" > - Sebastiao Salgado 🀭

*< Sending your studio to retouch the photos beyond logic has not been good for my career, if I had trusted Louis earlier, everything would be better > - Steve Mc Curry πŸ€”

*< Louis found a line of work that he had not considered, thanks to him I switched to black and white to follow that new line (which I love) > - Martin Parr 😝

Can you handle constructive and professional criticism?

Louis Alarcon professional photographer and photo editor

Send me your data , in 72 hours aprox I will send you my analysis.

After send your data, please, donΒ΄t forget attach your files with this WeTransfer link to my general mail:

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